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The 3 Things Real Estate Agents Say You’ll Regret in 5 Years

Remember The Macarena, that iconic song of the ‘90s and the super easy dance that went along with it? Remember how it was literally everywhere, at every function or party or get-together? I do — and I remember how five years later, that song grated on my nerves. I was so tired of it. I practically regretted learning the silly dance.

Well, I’m sad to say that these short-lived fads don’t just affect the music industry (or fashion — I’m looking at you, ultra-low rise jeans…), but they can also affect homeownership. Something you think is an absolutely wonderful idea may, in five years time, be a thorn in the side of your home. Take real estate agents’ advice and stay away from these things you might regret in a few years. Read more

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