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Housing Inventory Turnaround Possible

A new survey shows many homeowners plan to list their home over the next six months, with high expectations for making a profit on the sale. Sixty-four percent of about 3,000 consumers recently surveyed by® said they intend to sell their home this spring or summer. That could bring some welcome relief to a housing market that has been starved for inventory.

“While sellers are expected to hold the upper hand in 2022, navigating the listing process remains a challenge—particularly for those also buying in today’s fast-paced market,” says George Ratiu, senior economist and manager of economic research at®. “Homeowners who are ready to move forward with pandemic-delayed plans will find plenty of opportunity this spring and summer. Although accelerating inflation is leading to higher housing costs and living expenses, many buyers remain interested in finding a home. At the same time, recent housing trends suggest demand is beginning to moderate as higher mortgage rates push monthly payments out of some buyers’ budgets, underscoring the long-term need for more affordable inventory.” Read more

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